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Welcome to join The Switch – a platform for everybody involved in and interested in the switch towards a green industry.

The Switch is a podcast about sustainability, but we intend to make it more than a podcast. We want to create a fast-paced, broad, and entertaining show with a wide range of guests, clever conversation, and a few laughs. We want to educate, entertain, and strengthen green partnerships. Our aim is to make The Switch the number one hub for knowledge exchange on the topic of renewables and green transition.

Where to listen or view?

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and view every episode on Youtube.

Reasons to Switch

The background to this podcast is that there is so much knowledge out there. So many brilliant innovators and companies inventing and developing energy solutions that can help us decarbonize and reduce our impacts on this planet.

We also know that time is not unlimited. It’s not too late, but we must all take initiative and act proactively to find ways to build a sustainable society.

That’s why we’re starting The Switch: to gather great minds from all parts of the industry to get an overall picture of what must and can be done. Through insightful and engaging conversations, we want to create a forum for everybody working in the green industry as well as reaching an interested public. The goal is to put renewable energy on top of the political agenda and raise public interest in sustainability.

The show is produced by Baseload Capital. It will be published once a month, with an estimated length of 30 minutes per episode.

A word from our sponsors:

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Baseload Capital

Baseload Capital is a specialized investment entity that leads partnerships to scale up geothermal power deployment worldwide. Geothermal power comes from the Earth’s inner core and provides a fossil-free, stable, 24/7 available baseload for electricity and heating and cooling. We work with like-minded investors to fund geothermal energy projects and tap into the planet’s largest renewable energy source that lies right beneath our feet.
We establish operating companies in global locations, which comprise the Baseload Power organization. They partner with local communities and power providers to commission, permit and build Baseload Capital-funded geothermal power plants.

Together we dream of a planet in balance with resilient societies that run on renewable energy.

We will be part of this transition by leading partnerships to scale up geothermal project development.

Typical topics

The podcast will feature a broad spectrum of guests, such as entrepreneurs, environmentalists, investors, and journalists.

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Within the field of leadership, we will discuss taking risks financially and strategically, green partnering and future global leading.

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Obviously, we will debate energy and climate: halting climate change, restructuring the economic thinking that governs the world, the question of supporting economic growth versus protecting the environment, and the narrative of zero net carbon.

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Other guests will focus on debate and activism: how we can give greater representation to poorer people in climate conversations, get more people interested in the future of energy and tackling climate change, and how to bridge the gap between the right and the left on the topic of climate change.

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And of course, we want to reach the next generation and give them a message. How can we get through to them and inspire them, and what should they do differently, compared to our generation of leaders?

We dream of a planet in balance. The Switch will explore how to get there.

Where to listen or view?

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and view every episode on Youtube.